Want to kickstart your own branch of Women Who Lead at a local elementary or middle school? We're here to help! Our job is to give you all the resources, support, and information you need to get started. Here's the breakdown:

Contact us! Let us know a little about you. Who are you? Where do you want to start the club? What general questions do you have for us about getting started?

Let's talk! Now that you've reached out, we can work together to make this happen. Email or otherwise, we will help you run through logistics, prepare curriculum, and guide you through any questions -- whether that be filling out building forms or project specific questions.

You're up and running! While you're learning the ropes, we will stay in contact for any support you need. Once you feel confident and your foundation is laid, we will put your sponsor and leader information on the "Meet the Team" page so community members can find clubs in their area. Easy peasy, right?

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General Questions and Answers:

How often is the program held and how long are meetings?

Women Who Lead is an after school program that runs approximately an hour and a half every other week (twice a month). 

What sort of commitment are we looking at?

Running a program involves outside planning and time! Beyond simply getting curriculum prepared for lessons, you'll need to keep in contact with the school and participating girls' parents. Not to mention club meetings and interaction with the girls. 

Can boys participate?

Women Who Lead focuses on empowering young women through working directly with other female leaders. Because of this, young boys cannot join the club or work directly with students as volunteers or high school leaders. HOWEVER! Male teacher sponsors and high school boys who wish to help with school/community outreach, social media management, website construction, curriculum building, etc. are always needed and welcome.

Do we need to create our own curriculum?

No, but we'd love if you did! You're welcome to find your curriculum on the "projects" page of the website, but we would also love to see the new cool ideas you're trying out in your program. Visit the projects page for more information on submitting unique lesson plans and curriculum ideas.

I'm in high school and want to start a club, do I need a certified teacher to do it with me?

Yes. Part of your school outreach during the initial stages involves finding a certified teacher or adult who can oversee the club with you. Generally, if the school is welcoming and excited about the program, this is less daunting than it seems. As always, we are here to help with any questions or problems you encounter.

Do I have to follow rules or a strict curriculum?

We want Women Who Lead to be a community filled with unique programs and unique individuals. When it comes down to it, you know the girls you work with better than we do. What projects you decide to use/create and when are up to you! However, we do ask that in the preliminary stages we keep in touch to ensure everything starts smoothly. As things progress, we will always be here as your support network, but ultimately your club is your own.


Does the club cost money to join?

We want Women Who Lead to be as accessible as possible to as many young girls as possible. However, if you choose to buy snacks for the girls or buy outside materials, costs can add up. Depending on your school, we can work together to decide what is the best option. Can we work with the school PTA? Ask for an optional $10 dollar donation from parents? Your program environment is unique, and we will do our best to accommodate that!

Do I need to spend money?

Women Who Lead is not a profit-based organization! This is primarily run by student volunteers. Because of this, school-based logistics surrounding building forms and reserving room space should not be charged as an outside company.


However, some projects suggest outside materials that may not be readily available at schools (i.e folders, fabric squares, etc.). If you're interested in doing one of these projects, it's up to you to either alter the project to make it more cost-friendly or buy the materials yourself. We can always work together to create alternatives that are best for you. 

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